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Self-limiting bolt locking washers DIN 25201

Steel or stainless steel
Surface finish:
Galvanised steel, surface hardness 47 HRC ±5%. Stainless steel, surface hardness HV 350 ±5%
Sample order:
nlm 07310-0817261
The self-limiting bolt-locking washers guarantee that bolted joints exposed to transverse stresses, oscillations and vibration will be safe from loosening. A joint is also secure at low levels of tension. If the bolt (nut) tends to loosen independently in bolted joints under dynamic stress, the bolt (nut) carries its positive-locking washer with it, the sloped surfaces of which run directly up against the slpoed surfaces of the counter-washer. In other words, the nore a bolted joint "tries" to loosen itself, the more securely the wedge action of the washer blocks the attempt.

Supplied glued as a pair.


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1Sfor screwsfor screws “Surface finishPriceOrder
WASHER M307310-030718£0.54
73,41,8M31/8"standard type£0.54
WASHER M507310-050918£0.54
95,41,8M53/16"standard type£0.54
WASHER M607310-061118£0.61
10,86,51,8M61/4"standard type£0.61
WASHER M807310-081426£0.64
13,58,72,5M85/16"standard type£0.64
WASHER M1007310-101726£0.74
16,610,72,5M103/8"standard type£0.74
WASHER M1207310-122026£0.90
19,5132,5M121/2"standard type£0.90
WASHER M1607310-162537£1.35
25,4173,4M165/8"standard type£1.35
WASHER M1807310-182937£2.09
2919,53,4M1811/16"standard type£2.09
WASHER M2007310-203137£2.00
30,721,43,4M203/4"standard type£2.00
WASHER M3 SS07310-030722£1.33
73,42,2M31/8"standard type stainless steel£1.33
WASHER M5 SS07310-050922£1.33
95,42,2M53/16"standard type stainless steel£1.33
WASHER M6 SS07310-061122£1.49
10,86,52,2M61/4"standard type stainless steel£1.49
WASHER M8 SS07310-081422£1.60
13,58,72,2M85/16"standard type stainless steel£1.60
WASHER M10 SS07310-101722£1.90
16,610,72,2M103/8"standard type stainless steel£1.90
WASHER M12 SS07310-122022£3.29
19,5132,2M121/2"standard type stainless steel£3.29
WASHER M16 SS07310-162532£5.02
25,4173,2M165/8"standard type stainless steel£5.02
WASHER M18 SS07310-182932£6.95
2919,53,2M1811/16"standard type stainless steel£6.95
WASHER M2007310-203132£7.10
30,721,43,2M203/4"standard type stainless steel£7.10
WASHER M407310-040918£0.54
94,41,8M45/32"aggrandized support surface£0.54
WASHER M607310-061426£0.69
13,56,52,5M61/4"aggrandized support surface£0.69
WASHER M807310-0817261£0.82
16,68,72,5M85/16"aggrandized support surface£0.82
WASHER M1007310-1021261£0.98
2110,72,5M103/8"aggrandized support surface£0.98
WASHER M1207310-1225371£1.49
25,4133,4M121/2"aggrandized support surface£1.49
WASHER M1607310-1631371£2.16
30,7173,4M165/8"aggrandized support surface£2.16
WASHER M4 SS07310-040922£1.33
94,42,2M45/32"aggrandized support surface stainless steel£1.33
WASHER M6 SS07310-061422£1.66
13,56,52,2M61/4"aggrandized support surface stainless steel£1.66
WASHER M8 SS07310-081722£2.01
16,68,72,2M85/16"aggrandized support surface stainless steel£2.01
WASHER M12 SS07310-122532£6.30
25,4133,2M121/2"aggrandized support surface stainless steel£6.30
WASHER M16 SS07310-163132£6.95
30,7173,2M165/8"aggrandized support surface stainless steel£6.95

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