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Lifting units, pneumatic with circular channels

Housing in high-strength aluminium;
stop system steel
Surface finish:
Housing anodized; stop system hardened
Sample order:
nlm 20054-6050
Maintenance-free pneumatic lifting units in robust structural shape with gasketed ball guide. Control by 4/2 or 5/2 directional valve. Drive ensues via compressed air, 4-8 bar, constant, filtered (10 m), dried, oiled or unoiled. Compressed air connection M5.
Modules of the same size can be combined with one another without adapter plates via the precise centring system by means of centring rings 20240.

Repeat accuracy 0.02 mm.
On request:
Lifting units with shorter strokes available.
Shock absorber. Proximitiy switch. Plug connector.

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NameOrder No.PriceOrderAA1HH1H2H3LL1M1 NmM2 NmM3 NmPP1P2S1S2S3SizeTT1Piston force at 6 bar (N)Retraction force at 6 bars (N)Cylinder-ØAir consumption per cycle at 6 bar (ccm)Suitable shock absorberSuitable proximitiy switchSuitable plug connectorApprox. weight kgC (stroke)AccessoriesPriceOrder
71,51014010845129283282830158341,546 + stroke C/2611461613220200253326310-141001220905-01020950-010X20001,6005026310-1410012,20905-010,20950-010X2000£1,590.43
71,510165133451292832828301510841,546 + stroke C/2611461613220200255026310-141001220905-01020950-010X20002,0007526310-1410012,20905-010,20950-010X2000£1,742.84
71,510190158451292832828301513341,546 + stroke C/2611461613220200256626310-141001220905-01020950-010X20002,40010026310-1410012,20905-010,20950-010X2000£1,937.40

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