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Machine feet, form A

Material, surface finish:
Metal parts, galvanized steel, strength 5.6. Elastomer, natural rubber, average hardness, 60 Shore.
Machine feet are proven, universally usable elements for elastically supporting machines of every type. Wherever large horizontal movements are to be avoided, machine feet are commonly used. Their horizontal rigidity is higher in all directions than their vertical rigidity. If properly used, they provide excellent prevention against the conduction of shocks and noise.

Especially for situations in which tensile forces are to be expected (e.g., in shipbuilding), machine feet with breakaway protection are recommended.

The indicated load data are standard values for a static long-term load with a rubber hardness of 60 Shore A.
On request:
Machine feet with a rubber hardness of 40 or 70 Shore A.


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderABDD1D2F1 (N)FormHLApprox. weight kgSurface finishCustoms tariff numberPriceOrder
856662M108,21500A301100,173without tear protection40169991£29.24
1107878M1091800A301280,249without tear protection40169991£29.24
1109686M1210,23000A451400,420without tear protection40169991£34.98
140110106M1212,43600A391700,678without tear protection40169991£30.20
856662M108,21500A301100,214with tear protection40169991£36.86
1107878M1091800A301280,325with tear protection40169991£36.86
1109686M1210,23000A451400,496with tear protection40169991£53.09
140110106M1212,43600A391700,752with tear protection40169991£38.46

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