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Hydraulic Power Unit Design & Manufacture

Bespoke hydraulic power units and systems

Our strength lies in the design and manufacture of bespoke hydraulic power units, custom built and tested for any application. We offer a complete design, build and installation service for hydraulic, electronic, computer and PLC integration. We can design and manufacture individual power units, electrical control panels and manifolds or complete systems to meet your specific requirements: from one off bespoke units to multiple repeat orders. We have the technical expertise to design and build the most complex hydraulic systems and have the in-house capability to offer bespoke hydraulic solutions to meet your needs.

Our project and design engineers will work with you from design through to completion to ensure we fulfil your requirements. Our in-house design team use two and three dimensional Solidworks 2014 software to provide detailed drawings of exactly what solution we can offer you.

We don’t just supply hydraulic units; we can also integrate programmable hydraulic and electronic controls to turn your requirements into a working solution.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Found in the 1970s, AC Hydraulics is now the UK’s leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for world-leading brands. Founded on engineering excellence and value-added service, AC Hydraulics has been at the forefront of design technology for nearly four decades.

We work with customers in the automotive, defence, machine tool, offshore, marine, nuclear, power generation, steel, water, utilities, waste, civil construction, paper and petrochemical industries. AC Hydraulics supply industrial hydraulic power units across a diverse range of sectors.

What are hydraulic power units?

A hydraulic power unit is an arrangement of interconnected components which controls hydraulic energy. They’re self-contained systems that generally include a motor, a fluid reservoir and a pump. It works by applying the hydraulic pressure needed to drive motors, cylinders and other complementary component parts of any given hydraulic system.

What are they used for?

There is a range of modern-day applications of hydraulic power units. They can be divided into mobile applications, industrial and other applications. In the case of mobile applications, a compact hydraulic power unit might be appropriate. This includes agricultural machinery, diggers, graders, road maintenance vehicles, forklift trucks and excavators.

Industrial applications might include machine tools, food processing machinery, automatic handling and assembly equipment, steelworks and mining.

Other applications might include automotive, aerospace, marine industry, civil engineering, theatre and leisure and medicine.

What are the different types of hydraulic power units?

There are a range of different types of hydraulic power units available:


Hydraulic power units are used whereby energy is transmitted, controlled and distributed using pressurised liquid fluid as a medium


These are power hydraulic units used in large-scale industrial applications such as food processing, steelworks and mining.


A highly compact design with the motor shaft of the electric motor also acting as the pump shaft. Frequently used in mobile applications such as forklift trucks and road maintenance vehicles.


This is usually used to refer to the pressure range above 450 bar. High pressure is primarily required in situations where heavy weights need to be moved or powerful movements need to be carried out with precision in a tight space


Bespoke hydraulic power units that are engineered to meet unique client requirements.


A Bosch company, these bring the company’s exacting standards to hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, hydraulic filters and electronics. AC Hydraulics is an official sales partner for Bosch Rexroth and can provide technical expertise and support from purchase through to installation and operation.

A complete design, manufacture and supply service

AC Hydraulics provide a complete design, manufacture and supply service for hydraulic power units. As well as providing integrated solutions, we also design and build hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

 With our proven track record, strong industry partnerships and extensive experience, we’re recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hydraulic power units.

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