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Hydac Hydraulic accumulators - Safety and shut-off blocks

Safety and shut-off blocks

The versions of the HYDAC safety and locking block SAF, its special versions and the DSV10 as a simple variant of the SAF10, are practical hydraulic accessories for blocking and relieving hydraulic accumulators or consumers. They are in compliance with safety regulations in accordance with DGRL97/23/EG, DIN EN 982, EN 14359 and the regulations of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health [Betriebssicherheitsverordung (BetrSichV)].

The optimum combination of the safety and shut-off blocks considerably simplifies the connection between the consumer and the hydraulic system and offer the following exemplary advantages:

  • Minimum of space and maintenance,
  • Minimum of installation required (1 SAF replaces as a rule up to 10 individual pipe connections),
  • considerable reduction of installation time,
  • adapters for various accumulator types and
  • additional valves (pilot-operated check valves, flow control valves, etc). 

Safety and shut-off blocks

Within heavy and technical industries safety is a key business concern. Heavy duty machinery is subject to high stresses and pressures as part of everyday functions. Shut-off safety blocks help keep your equipment functioning efficiently, make repairs simpler and, in extreme cases of pressure build up, will shut down the system to prevent catastrophic damage and possible injury.

What is a Shut-off block used for?

In the most basic terms, a shut-off safety block is simply a valve that sits as a buffer between the hydraulics system and the operating system. Our engineers have the capability to design a valve that can be hosted by just about any hydraulic system, meaning that you can be sure that what we recommend will meet your requirements. It has the main functions of being able to allow maintenance work to be undertaken on an operating system in isolation and if pressure reaches dangerous levels, it can safely shut down the system to prevent major damage.

The benefits of safety blocks

The main benefits of shut-off safety blocks, as mentioned above, are down to their ability to prevent accidents and systemic failure and to allow repairs and any system testing that is required to take place as easily as possible for the user.

For industries such as aeronautics, civil engineering and petrochemicals, the robustness and integrity of the machinery is tantamount to the success and safety of the business activity. Operating systems that routinely have to cope with high workloads and levels of strain and pressure need to be working at, or very close to, their peak level of performance. This requires routine maintenance, system testing at regular intervals and when necessary, the option to shut the system down in an emergency. A shut-off safety block allows for all these functions to be undertaken and help keep any downtime to minimum whilst maintaining the functional integrity of the machinery.

How do safety blocks work?

There are a small range of different types of safety block that can be used to cover the specific requirements of a business and its operating systems. We are a key supplier of industry leading Hydac Hydraulic Accumulators that can be tailored to fit your operating system depending on which of the three main types of block that are needed.

Piston Accumulators:

A robust cylinder, made from either carbon or stainless steel and also available in aluminium, that contains a floating piston to provide a buffer between the gaseous and liquid elements of the system. Piston accumulators allow for high volume and pressures with a typical velocity maximum of 5m/s. High quality seals maintain performance for longer and functional features allow for flexible installation and visible pistons that allow for efficiency to be monitored.

Bladder Accumulators:

Instead of the piston design, bladder accumulators are hydro pneumatic bladders that are either forged or welded in construction. They perform similar functions to the piston but are more suitable for the highest system speeds and pressures.

Diaphragm Accumulators:

Diaphragm accumulators are a very versatile option with over 30 different sizes and many options of material, the diaphragm design can be fitted wherever needed within a system and configured specifically to cope with the type of pressure and speed required. Like the bladder design these can be welded but are also available as a screw in valve.

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