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Hydac Filtration Products - Tank Breather Filters

Breather filters

Filling/breather filters from HYDAC prevent contamination and water from the surroundings from entering the system in connection with fluctuations of the oil level in the tank (tank breathing).


  • Tank mounting filter
  • For separation of solid particles and water
  • Through-put volume up to 15,000 l/min (with Dp=0.01 bar)
  • Optional
    - lockable
    - with anti-splash protection
    - with counter balance valve
    - with anti-droplet device

Tank Breather Filters

Solid particulates in hydraulic systems can spell trouble. If they’re left they can cause significant damage to the system components and ultimately impact its overall performance. To help combat this problem, tank breather filters are fitted into hydraulic equipment to prevent airborne materials from entering through the reservoir.

What are tank breather filters and how do they work?

Open-circuit hydraulic systems allow air to move into and out of the reservoir freely as the fluid level fluctuates up and down. Air that hasn’t been filtered can contain a range of foreign materials, such as dust and dirt, many of which can create problems for the hydraulic system by contaminating the process fluids within a hydraulic system. If these are allowed to build up they can ultimately damage the system components and reduce system efficiency.

 It’s not only particulates that are the problem, water and moisture can enter the system and lead to oxidisation and freeze damage. Keeping water out of the system is another important function of tank breather filters.

Tank breather filters remove these contaminants from incoming air before they have a chance to enter the system. They are the first line of defence against solid particulates from the incoming air, ensuring that any particulates are prevented from damaging the system.

Tank breather filters need to be properly maintained to ensure that they are able to effectively fulfil their purpose. In practice, maintenance means regularly changing the filter element to prevent it from clogging over time. If this is neglected it can cause a partial vacuum within the reservoir to develop. In turn, this vacuum can lead to cavitations which might cause premature pump failure if it’s left unchecked.

Why tank breather filters are an essential component

Tank breather filters are not an optional extra for hydraulic systems. They are an essential part of the overall system. They keep the system running and free of any problems, expensive repairs and maintenance issues. A properly fitted and maintained tank breather filter is a critical aspect of hydraulic system reliability.

By combining breathers with other contamination tools such as mechanical seals, downstream filters and proper sampling techniques you can increase the chances of not only maintaining the system but also of meeting or exceeding the expected service life of the system.

Breather filters from AC Hydraulics

AC Hydraulics stocks a range of breather filters for hydraulic systems. These have a range of standard and optional features, making them suitable for a variety of different applications.

AC Hydraulics is the UK’s largest supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for some of the leading brands. We have nearly four decades of industry experience and are sales partners for brands such as Bosch Rexroth, Hyda, Roemheld and Heypac.

We’re happy to provide further information and to answer any questions you might have. Call 01455 611116 or email to find out more.










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