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Vane Pumps

  • Variable Displacement
  • Pilot Operated
  • Component Series 1x
  • Frame Size 16-Size14cm3 to 40-Size45cm3
  • Maximum Pressure 160 Bar
  • Open circuit

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NameOrder No.PriceOrderModel Number Weight KgPriceOrder
Vane PumpsR900580382£1,522.22
PV7-1X/16-20 RE01MCO-1617£1,522.22
Vane PumpsR900580383£1,955.56
PV7-1X/25-30 RE01MCO-1621£1,955.56
Vane PumpsR900580384£2,715.56
PV7-1X/40-45 RE37MCO-1630£2,715.56

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