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As a business it is inevitable that you want to keep the overheads low and the profits high. However this can mean making business decisions for the short term rather than long term, which can provide a number of immediate gains, but may not always prove to be the best solution in the long run.

This can be particularly true when it comes to machinery that use hydraulic pressure systems. While investing in lower quality or lower functioning machinery may seem more cost effective, it could end up costing more in the long run as you need to reinvest to upscale machinery in line with business growth.

However, at AC Hydraulics we know that investing in hydraulic products like the miniBOOSTER® can make a significant difference to business productivity, helping you to work towards the bigger picture right from the start. The miniBOOSTER delivers long term improved efficiency, performance and productivity, but at an affordable price. We stock a wide range of different miniBOOSTER® products in varying sizes and capabilities that are suitable for a range of different environments.

What is a miniBOOSTER®?

As innovators for oscillating boosters, miniBOOSTER® are a leading brand in providing booster solutions that make a difference. With a product range full of different models and functions, they suit a wide number of applications that use hydraulic pressure systems.

But in order to understand how you can improve productivity and machine efficiency, it’s important to realise what the miniBOOSTER® does and how this can have an effect on the bottom line of your business.

The miniBOOSTER® acts as an intensifier of the oscillating pressure within a hydraulic pressure system. When mounted onto a low-pressure hydraulic system, it will automatically work to intensify the system pressure, which in turn increases the outlet pressure to improve overall machinery and component productivity. As a result, the costs of operations will be lowered, saving you money and increasing profit margins.

Finding the right miniBOOSTER for your needs

The designers at miniBOOSTER have created a range of products that offer different pressure output ranges from 20 up to 5,000 bar. This allows customers to find the most suitable miniBOOSTER for their needs and working environment.

Beyond the pressure ranges, they also provide different models in different materials and come in varying sizes to adapt to different environments and media. So whether you’re using oil, water or two different media, their oil boosters, dual media boosters and stainless steel boosters will have it covered.

They also offer complete intensifier systems and miniBOOSTER® power packs, as well as miniBOOSTER® filters to complete the product range and ensure that every aspect is accounted for to maximise equipment efficiency and productivity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about miniBOOSTERs, then why not get in touch with us. As official miniBOOSTER® partners, AC Hydraulics can offer you expert technical advice and support to ensure you get the most from this innovative piece of equipment.

The miniBOOSTER® hydraulic pressure boosters range offers dedicated solutions engineered to lower costs by turning low system pressure into high pressure at ranges of 20 – 5,000 bar.

As a sales partner of miniBOOSTER, ACH can offer technical expertise and support from purchase through to installation and operation.


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