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At AC Hydraulics Ltd we are the UKs leading supplier of international branded products in industries including medical, offshore, energy, automotive and aerospace. We are proud to offer a selection of seven high quality brands all offering various hydraulic products such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic rams and hydraulic power systems. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and highly skilled team are available to assist you in all stages surrounding our products from purchasing, installation right through to operating components.

A range of industries, and business sizes

Hydraulic components can be found everywhere, from industry machinery to railway engineering, the automotive industry, and aerospace engineering or even down to smaller items such as petrol pumps and dishwashers. With the hydraulic industry being so large, we supply to a wide range of buyers.

At some point everyone will use a piece of equipment that has hydraulic components. Weather you drive a car, board and aeroplane or train, ride a roller-coaster or simply sit in an office chair. 

Quality brands, reasonable pricing

We distribute a large range of products from internationally recognised companies. All of which provide high quality, durable and efficient components.

We are the sole seller throughout the UK for Norelem parts and offer a wide selection of their products including operating parts, drilling jigs and drill bushes, locking bolts and fixing nuts, spacing elements, magnets, bastic elements such as angle plates and sub plate discs, pressure screws and pressure pads. We also offer a selection of four Romheld machine vices including hydraulic and fixed jaw and concentric jaw.

Our Heypec range of stock contains the GX series and KR series hydraulic pumps with spare parts, and accessories including fluid filters, manifold blockers, smoothing kits, valves, switches and reservoirs. In addition to this, the range of merchandise we provide from MiniBOOSTER includes a selection of power packs, oil boosters, dual media boosters, stainless steel boosters and intensifier systems.

At AC Hydraulics we also distribute Festo components with a choice of valves, pneumatic drives and fitting systems as well as compressed air peroration, and our Bosch Rexroth items include both ON/OFF valves and hydraulic vane pump and hydraulic axial piston pumps.

Finally, we also provide Hydac items made up of filtration products. This product line consists of suction filters, return line suction filters, clogging indicators and filter elements and assemblies. Our Hydac components also include hydraulic accumulators, safety and shut off blocks, piston accumulators and bladder accumulators.

Before and after sales support

As well as supplying parts at AC Hydraulics we offer comprehensive in house serving, maintenance and repair for all the products we distribute. Our expert staff are able to install all systems or test rigs on-site.

All our products are available on purchase online. Our head office is based in the Midlands but we ship orders throughout the whole of the UK including Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and we can also ship products to Europe and the rest of the world - although this delivery time may be longer. There is no minimum order quantity for delivery so for businesses large and small, if you need any further guidance, the professional team at AC Hydraulics Ltd are more than happy to assist.

We offer a wide range of quality, branded products for applications in the aerospace, automotive, medical, offshore and energy industries. We also offer integrated solutions, backed up by leading customer service, after sales resource and technical support and installation. Branded products include Roemheld\'s range of workholding vices and systems, Hydac filtration products, Festo pneumatic systems, Norelem standard tooling components, Heypac hydraulic pumps and power units, miniBooster hydraulic pressure boosters and Bosch Rexroth industrial hydraulic products.  

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please give us a call on 01455 611116 or email us at You can also buy products online in our shop.

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