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Hydac Hydraulic accumulators - Piston accumulators

Piston accumulators

... are hydropneumatic accumulators with a floating piston as a separation element between a compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid. HYDAC piston accumulators are comprised of a cylindrical jacket with a finely processed interior, with screwed-in cover on the gas and fluid side as a rule and a piston with special sealing systems. Piston accumulators can be adjusted very flexibly to customer requirements. Selection of the volume is practically stepless. The piston position can be made visible and also be used for switching functions in the hydraulic system.

Essential specifications are:

  • Nominal volume: up to 3,300 l,
  • Permitted operating pressure: up to 1,000 bar
  • Piston velocity: dependent on sealing system, usually up to 5 m/s; higher velocities possible,
  • Accumulator shell materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium.


The following advantages set HYDAC piston accumulators apart:

  • minimal pressure differential between the fluid side and gas side,
  • large usable volumes,
  • variable installation position,
  • monitoring of the piston position possible using various systems,
  • particularly suitable for back-up configurations,
  • extreme flow rates,
  • no sudden discharge of gas when seals are worn. 

Piston accumulators

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