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Hydac Hydraulic accumulators - Piston accumulators

Piston accumulators

... are hydropneumatic accumulators with a floating piston as a separation element between a compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid. HYDAC piston accumulators are comprised of a cylindrical jacket with a finely processed interior, with screwed-in cover on the gas and fluid side as a rule and a piston with special sealing systems. Piston accumulators can be adjusted very flexibly to customer requirements. Selection of the volume is practically stepless. The piston position can be made visible and also be used for switching functions in the hydraulic system.

Essential specifications are:

  • Nominal volume: up to 3,300 l,
  • Permitted operating pressure: up to 1,000 bar
  • Piston velocity: dependent on sealing system, usually up to 5 m/s; higher velocities possible,
  • Accumulator shell materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium.


The following advantages set HYDAC piston accumulators apart:

  • minimal pressure differential between the fluid side and gas side,
  • large usable volumes,
  • variable installation position,
  • monitoring of the piston position possible using various systems,
  • particularly suitable for back-up configurations,
  • extreme flow rates,
  • no sudden discharge of gas when seals are worn. 

Piston accumulators

The hydraulic piston accumulator is a key element of our bespoke engineering service. We tailor your system to specifically meet your needs and have a wealth of expertise and experience at hand in both design and installation. When it comes to complex hydraulic units the piston accumulator is one of three options that we can supply and this is a brief summary of its uses and functions. Our established business suppliers Hydac Hydraulic Accumulators provide us with industry leading components to help complement our designs.

Many clients ask us exactly what a piston accumulator is. A piston accumulator is a cylindrical unit made from either carbon or stainless steel and in some instances from aluminium that allows the gas and fluid supplies running within an operating system to be kept apart. The interior is finely processed and contains a floating piston that completes the separation process. It can be designed to fit into any operating system and we can discuss with you how this can be done in consultation. The robust design and high quality seals allow for large volumes and pressures to operate within a system. It is a versatile, efficient and very effective element of any engineering system.

The piston accumulator has two chambers, one for fluid which is connected to the hydraulic line and one for the gas. The gas creates the pressure that allows the fluid to flow. It allows the operating system to cope with high levels of demand and maintain a steady, smooth pulse. This lessens general wear and tear and also in more serious cases, any fractures or leaks.

The design allows for the piston to work without ever making contact with any other part of the casing or any other internal parts. This means that no fouling should take place within the cylinder and that no blockages or disruptions of flow should occur. Our expertise and knowledge of the design systems means that any accumulator that you purchase from us should be able to work efficiently without issue for many years.

Many industries use hydraulic systems, whether it be for pumping water or for more complex and technical areas, such as aeronautics and petrochemicals. For example, Industrial harbours store water that needs pumping safely, planes use hydraulics to operate the landing gear of their planes, and petrochemical firms need to pump large volumes of different types of fluid from source to containers. Any motor engine will have a hydraulic system, so the usage is widespread and varied. This is why we work so hard on making sure that we have the capability to design an accumulator to meet all these types of usage and more.

Most bladder accumulators and diaphragm accumulators are placed close to the pump but the piston models are more versatile and allow us to insert them in the ideal place for any specific system. They are an adaptable and nimble version and allow the designer to maximise the efficiency and longevity of the pipework that holds the fluid as it is pumped around. This is further controlled by the installation of safety shut-off blocks that can isolate discreet parts of the system and shut down in case of emergency.

To find out how piston accumulators could work for you and your industrial or business needs please contact us for a consultation and we can help design and implement the very best hydraulic systems that are on offer.

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