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Heypac - Heypac Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

In a world where industry often ignores or fails to address the environmental effects it causes, Heypac have initiated a programme of environmental awareness whereby they ensure that their product packaging is produced from recycled materials, and that the resultant packaging is itself capable of being recycled. They have introduced a stalling mechanism to their pumps that stop the flow when the pumps are not needed, and this also contributes towards a reduction in noise pollution. They have increased the amount of pump materials capable of being recycled once the product reaches its end of life, and they have reduced the number of items that can't be recycled when a pump requires repair.

Heypac hydraulic pumps and power units, can be found in trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles where there are tail lifts, ramps and lifting floors, or doors actuated through hydraulics. They can also be found in fork lifts, scissor lifts and lift tables. Ground support equipment in airports also use Heypac products, as well as many other applications where pumps and hydraulics are required.

Heypac is a world leader in the development and manufacture of a range of the most advanced air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units.

As a sales partner of Heypac, ACH can offer technical expertise and support from purchase through to installation and operation.

Heypac Hydraulic Pumps

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