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Hydac Filters

With over 40 years’ experience in hydraulic filtration, Hydac are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filters that are specifically designed to prolong the life of components, systems and machinery in a wide range of applications.

At AC Hydrualics we are proud to be official sellers of Hydac, offering a wide range of premium quality Hydac Filtration products that will ensure machinery is operating efficiently for longer where fluid and gas filtration are concerned. In our comprehensive range we offer Tank Breather Filters, Suction Filters, Return Line Suction Filters, Inline Filters, Filter Assemblies, Filter Elements and Clogging Indicators to ensure that every aspect of filtration is taken care of.

Typical uses of filtration products?

With such a wide range on offer, it’s worth understanding why and where you may usually use filtration products in your operations.

One of the key factors for machinery failure or inefficiency is the condition of the oil used in the components in hydraulic and lubrication systems. Dirty, unfiltered oil can have a detrimental effect on machinery service life and functionality, causing key parts to become clogged or damaged. This is where Hydac filtration systems can play a vital role in not only helping to keep oil free from contamination by filtering out dirt and particles, but also their high performance filtration systems can extend service life.  

Industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, ship building, automotive and power stations will require a number of different filtration systems to ensure that machinery and components remain uncontaminated from particles and water. Many of these industries operate under stringent quality control and health and safety regulations to ensure operations are safe and environmentally friendly, which is what makes filter products such a valuable component.

The Benefits of Hydac Filters

With this in mind, as a company you want to ensure the filtration components you install are made to the highest standards and will do the job efficiently. This is where investing in Hydac’s high quality filter products can help.

You’ll not only have peace of mind that these parts are built for the purpose, but in addition investing in premium quality parts will also help to extend the lifespan of machinery and components. This in turn will improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the cost of replacement parts and spares as machinery will work more efficiently for a longer period of time.

For example, the use of Tank Breather Filters on oil tanks will ensure oil inside the tank isn’t contaminated by water or other particles to help reduce the cost of wastage and replacement of oil. While the benefits of using in-line filters will provide easy handling and improve safety and efficiency. Similarly return line and suction filters used in systems with open and closed circuits work to combine the two filtration functions in one single oil filter that is more cost effective and efficient and installing equipment like clogging indicators will help identify problem areas earlier, before serious and costly damage arises.

To find out more about our full range of Hydac Filtration products and for help and advice, simply get in touch with AC Hydraulics today.

Hydac is one of the leading manufacturers of fluid technology, hydraulic and electronic equipment.

As an official sales partner of Hydac, ACH can offer technical expertise and support from purchase through to installation and operation.

Hydac Filtration Products

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