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Hydac Filtration Products - Suction filters

Suction filters

Oil filters for suction operation from HYDAC are used for functional protection of the downstream pump in the circuit - although only for the avoidance of coarse contamination. In order to avoid cavitation in the pump (negative pressure), no ultrafine filtration is recommended at this point in the system.


  • Inline or tank mounting filters
  • Flow rates up to 500 l/min
  • Numerous connection variants

What is a hydraulic suction filter?

Hydraulic systems use pressurised oil, or other fluids, in order to assist machinery with lifting heavy weights. The fluid needs to remain as clean as possible, as contamination can cause damage to the hydraulic system. The damage can cause expensive repairs to the machinery, therefore there needs to be a filtration system. A suction filter can help limit damages and prolong the lifespan of the machinery.

How do suction filters work?

Suction filters can be made from a steel wire mesh or aluminium. Suction filters remove contaminations from the fluid by drawing the liquid into the filter’s chamber and catching coarse materials, it then releases the cleaned fluid back into the hydraulic system. This is usually situated early in the system to protect all other filters and components downstream.

Why do you need a hydraulic suction filter?

There are many reasons to install a hydraulic suction filter, as they can act as your first line of filtration, stopping issues before they happen. Suction filters are a fantastic addition to your hydraulic fluid stream but be cautious, as they can have some downsides as well.


Avoidance is better than a remedy; you should always aim to limit the issues as they are usually more expensive to rectify. The Hydraulic suction filter helps to avoid the ingress of contamination within the hydraulic fluid system.

Increase other filters longevity

By removing the larger, more coarse contaminants before they reach filters that are designed for finer materials, you can prolong the use of the finer filters, leading to less downtime. Downtime in any industry is a missed opportunity of productivity.


The biggest concern that can arise, is cavitation. Cavitation is where the fluid inside the hydraulic system has water vapour bubbles that cause serious damage to the system when the vapour returns to its liquid state. Cavitation is caused by the bubble of water releasing large amounts of heat energy. The small pressure jet that is released impacts the solid surfaces and causes damage. The suction filters can cause cavitation as it creates an environment where the water vapour can be formed.

Why should you use AC Hydraulics to buy your parts?

Since AC Hydraulics started trading suction filters and other hydraulic parts in 1977, we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers in the UK! Our knowledge and understanding of engineering are second to none. One of our greatest marks of excellence is the expertise we have within our team. Everyone is highly trained, and are enthusiastic to learn upcoming technology. AC Hydraulics have supplied parts for a wide span of industries. Including, but not limited to defence, offshore oil and gas, and nuclear power generation. Take a look at what we have to offer and when you are ready, speak to one of our experts on 01455 611116, or email us at We offer the best in hydraulic suction filters and a wider range of products to suit every project.

Suction filters

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