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Hydac Filtration Products - Inline filters

HYDAC pressure filters/inline filters are distinguished by high filtration performance and simple handling, thus contributing to a safe and economically efficient system operation.


  • Flow rates up to 15,000 l/min
  • Pressure levels up to 1,000 bar
  • Numerous connection variants

Inline filters for hydraulic filtration 

Particulates and contaminants from hydraulic oil can cause significant problems in hydraulic systems. These need to be removed before they have a chance to build up and require maintenance to put the issue right. The means by which this is done is via inline filters.

What is an inline filter and what do they do?

Inline filters are integrated into a hydraulic system with the purpose of removing particulates and contaminants from hydraulic oil. They do this by cleaning the contaminated hydraulic fluid before it’s returned to the tank and then recirculated through the system. To achieve this, inline filters are installed before the pump, cylinders and valves on the return line.

What is Hydraulic filtration?

Inline hydraulic filtration is used in a variety of settings, wherever you find hydraulic systems installed. These can frequently be found in a range of industrial, agricultural and mobile contexts. 

A hydraulic filter continually removes any contaminants that are present in the hydraulic oil. The process purifies the hydraulic fluid, protecting the system from damage that may be created by the particle contents.

Different filter types are used for specific applications and will be selected on the basis of their fluid compatibility, application type pressure drop, operating pressure, size and design.

Why do you need an inline filter for hydraulic filtration?

Modern hydraulic systems operate at increasingly high pressure and have faster cycle times. As both of these factors increase, so too does the risk of contamination. Fluid contaminants are one of the leading causes of hydraulic system failure and can lead to numerous problems. This can include fluid breakdown that leads to acid corrosion, internal leakage, lowering component efficiency and accuracy and the unintended mixing of incompatible fluids.

To prevent these problems from occurring, a clean, efficient filter is critical. This maintains the integrity of the hydraulic system, preventing problems from occurring and extending the service life of the system.

Why is dirt and particle build-up a bad thing?

Hydraulic systems can and frequently do fail due to contaminated hydraulic fluid. Dirt and particle build-up can lead to degradation of the system, including gradual changes over time in pump flow rates, valve leakage and wear of cylinder barrels. It can also lead to persistent intermittent failures and ultimately to catastrophic failure.

Particles and dirt ultimately build-up and this damages parts, reduces the system efficiency and requires more maintenance. If left untreated, it can shorten the service life of the entire system.

How can an Inline filter help?

Hydraulic filters eliminate the presence of foreign particles in a hydraulic system, protecting it from the dangers of particle contaminants. They improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the system, lower maintenance cost and improve its overall service life.

Inline filters from AC Hydraulics

AC Hydraulics supply a range of inline filters to help reduce the problems associated with dirt and particulate build-up in hydraulic systems.

We pride ourselves on engineering excellence combined with high levels of customer service. We can advise and answer any questions you might have regarding hydraulic systems. Call 01455 611116 or email to find out more.


Inline filters

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