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. High Pressure Hydraulic Power Unit

High Pressure Hydraulic Power Unit

High-Pressure Hydraulic Power Units 

What are High-Pressure Hydraulic Power Units?

Hydraulic power units, or hydraulic power packs, are self-contained systems that are made up of a motor, a fluid reservoir and a pump. It works by applying the hydraulic pressure that’s needed to drive the motor, cylinders and other complementary parts of a hydraulic system.

How do they work?

A hydraulic system uses an enclosed fluid in order to transfer energy from one source to another. It will subsequently create rotary motion, linear motion or force. The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) provides pressurised oil to the hydraulic actuation system. A redundant pump system charges the bladder accumulator automatically at high pressure. This utilises the ability of the actuators to store energy. A pressure reducing valve system provides the system with constant stable system pressure.


A hydraulic power unit’s performance will be impacted by a range of different features, including pressure limits, power capacity and reservoir volume. Its physical characteristics, such as its size, power supply and pumping strength will also be a significant factor.

What are they used for?

High pressure is primarily required in situations where heavy weights need to be moved or powerful movements need to be carried out with precision in tight or difficult spaces. High-pressure hydraulic power units are essential in a range of different situations and applications. They are essential for much industrial work that takes place outdoors and away from any larger-scale, integrated hydraulic system. This might include machine tools, food processing machinery, automatic assembly and handling equipment, mining and steelworks. They’re also used in automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, theatre, leisure and medicine.

What is the difference between a hydraulic power unit and a high-pressure one?

In relation to hydraulic power units, “high pressure” is usually used to refer to a pressure range above 450 bar. High-pressure components can be used to build solutions with a high degree of weight and space optimisation. High-pressure power units are better suited to high-pressure applications.

What are the advantages of a high-pressure hydraulic power unit?

High-pressure hydraulic power units give you greater power and precision in situations where heavyweights need to be moved. They provide precision in tight spaces. High pressure in this instance will usually refer to a pressure range above 450 bar.

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