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Hydraulic accumulators

HYDAC Technology GmbH can look back on over  50 years′ experience in hydraulic accumulators  - in their research & development, design and manufacture.
This covers all hydropneumatic accumulators, from bladder and piston accumulators, right through to diaphragm accumulators and more recently metal bellows accumulators, encompassing  new fields of application.
Continual expansion of the individual accumulator types over the years has produced the optimal accumulator product range, which is also supplemented by accumulator protection equipment on the gas and fluid side, such as temperature fuses, bursting discs, gas safety valves and other accessories.

Accumulators from HYDAC are in widespread use in most sectors of hydraulics.
They are versatile, improve the comfort of your machine, protect your hydraulic system and are used to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems amongst many other functions.
  • Energy storage,
  • Emergency and safety functions,
  • Damping of vibrations, pulsations (pulsation damper) and shocks (pressure shock damper) and noise (silencer),
  • Suction flow stabiliser,
  • Chassis suspension,
  • Volume and leakage adjustment,
  • Weight equalisation,
  • Energy recovery, recuperation, and also
  • Media separation.

The expertise of our hydraulic specialists extends to all 4 major types of accumulator. We are pleased to support you, not only in selecting  the right type of accumulator, but also in determining the correct model.
HYDAC‘s comprehensive range of accessories helps you to install the accumulator correctly, protect the gas and fluid side and to carry out maintenance.
HYDAC takes care of all your needs and provides on-site expertise worldwide:
  • Selection of the right type of accumulator, whether bladder, piston, diaphragm or metal bellows
  • Optimal selection of the appropriate model of accumulator with the help of modern calculation programs and accumulator simulation,
  • Appropriately matched accessories and safety equipment from a single source,
  • Maintenance and repair carried out worldwide by HYDAC Service and on-site by technical specialists.

Hydac Hydraulic accumulators

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