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Ball head position adjusters

Steel 1.7225. Stainless steel 1.4305.
Surface finish:
Steel blue-chromated.
Stainless steel natural finish.
Sample order:
nlm 07460-401
The ball head position adjuster allows exact positioning when assembling sloping bases up to approx. 4° angle of inclination. A further ball head position adjuster is recommended as a base in sloped positions of D3 > 1° for evenly positioning the bolts. Top and bottom can not fall apart as they are secured.


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1D2D3FormHH1αMaterialCustoms tariff numberPriceOrder
WASHERTYP A, D1=25, D2=8,507460-151£16.96
WASHERTYP A, D1=32, D2=1307460-201£18.87
WASHERTYP A, D1=45, D2=2007460-301£22.65
WASHERTYP A, D1=58, D2=2907460-401£35.32
WASHERTYP A, D1=70, D2=3607460-501£52.57
WASHER SSTYP B, D1=25, D2=8,507460-152£21.87
23258,515B85,5stainless steel73181590£21.87
WASHER SSTYP B, D1=32, D2=1307460-202£23.60
30321320B106,2stainless steel73181590£23.60
WASHER SSTYP B, D1=45, D2=2007460-302£30.25
40452030B12,59stainless steel73181590£30.25
WASHER SSTYP B, D1=58, D2=2907460-402£44.03
52582938B1613stainless steel73181590£44.03
WASHER SSTYP B, D1=70, D2=3607460-502£66.05
65703648B2014stainless steel73181590£66.05

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