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Round inserts, form O

Material, surface finish:
Form O stainless steel with diamond surface comparable with abrasive grit size 100.
Grippers and inserts are ideal for use in clamping arms, gripping systems, clamping fixtures, clamping jaws and toggle locators. The use of grippers allows the transfer of very high torque values and above average grip, even with hard materials and surface irregularities.

Form O: The abrasive diamond surface is welded firmly to the base. It is ideally suited to supporting smooth or slippery applications with a minimum of clamping pressure. This allows the diamond particles to get a firm grip on a very small area with minimum damage to the surface.
The diamond surface offers excellent wear resistance.

Grippers and inserts can be fitted in the following toggle locators:
Order No. 02003-117X022 up to 02003-936X036
Order No. 02007-110X015 up to 02007-924X100
Order No. 02007-120X030 up to 02007-924X080

Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderD2FormGL3L4Approx. weight gCustoms tariff numberPriceOrder
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=10, L3=1007113-10105£10.17
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=10, L3=1207113-10125£11.02
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=12, L3=1007113-12105£11.66
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=12, L3=1207113-12125£11.27
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=16, L3=1007113-16105£14.71
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=16, L3=1207113-16125£14.86
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=20, L3=1007113-20105£16.44
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=20, L3=1207113-20125£16.70
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=25, L3=1007113-25105£19.20
INSERT ROUND FORM O D2=25, L3=1207113-25125£20.31

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