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Drilling jigs for cylindrical parts

Surface finish:
A consisting of:
- 08550 drilling jig DIN 6348
- 08710 V-Block with stop
- 08641 locating plate
- 08640 Index drilling disc with 16 accessible drill-bush diameters, see table. Intermediate dimensions can be partially achieved by means of removable drilling bushes DIN 173.
B consisting of:
- 08550 drilling jig DIN 6348
- 08710 V-Block with stop
- 08641 locating plate (this may be omitted in the case of Size 2, but then the max. clamping width is reduced by 30 mm)
- 08650 drill-bush support plate with 4 drill-bush supports Size 5-8, 8, 10, 12 und 15. Intermediate dimensions can be achieved in each case using removable drill bushes DIN 173. See table for drill-bush supports of your choice sizes 1 to 4. All drill-bush supports can be used for size 0 and size 2 supports.
Sample order:
nlm 08630-12
Rotary drilling jigs are eparticularly rational for producing cross holes in rotating parts. The drilling jig DIN 6348 Size 0 and 2 is used as the basic component.
A v-block with adjustable stop, having mini-divisions and vernier is used instead of the standard locating plate. The index drilling discs or drill-bish supports are mounted on the columns. Set-up is very easy and can be done without any technical knowledge.
All parts can be individually supplied later: they are manufactured true to gauge size. This enables finishes A and B to be interchangeable. A clamped part can have holes drilled, countersunk, milled or have threads cut in it using plug-in bushes..


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderSizeApprox. weight kgSurface finishPriceOrder
DRILLING CLAMP SIZE 0, A,08630-10£1,528.83
DRILLING CLAMP SIZE 2, A,08630-12£1,903.70
DRILLING CLAMP SIZE 0, B,08630-20£1,814.06
DRILLING CLAMP SIZE 2, B,08630-22£2,226.41

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