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Shoulder screws with slotted flat head for removable drill bushes DIN 173

Surface finish:
Natural finish, quality class 10.9
Sample order:
nlm 08927-06X04 (shoulder screw with slotted flat head DIN 173 part 1 with D7 = M6 and L9 = 4 mm)

Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderD7D8D9L10L8L9NT5L9 shortL9 longL10 shortL10 longSurface finishfor removable guides (D1)PriceOrder
SCREWM5, L9=308927-05X03£3.99
M57,51315931,62361518shortup to 6,0£3.99
SCREWM6, L9=408927-06X04£4.62
M69,5161810422,5481822shortover 6,0 up to 12,0£4.62
SCREWM8, L9=5,508927-08X55£5.44
M812202211,55,52,535,510,52227shortover 12,0 up to 30,0£5.44
SCREWM5, L9=608927-05X06£4.14
M57,51318961,62361518longup to 6,0£4.14
SCREWM6, L9=808927-06X08£5.02
M69,5162210822,5481822longover 6,0 up to 12,0£5.02
SCREWM8, L9=10,508927-08X105£5.95
M812202711,510,52,535,510,52227longover 12,0 up to 30,0£5.95

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