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Long positioning tables with position indicator

Support bearing and carriage made of anodized aluminium alloy. Ground stainless steel guiding columns. Stainless steel screw with rolled thread. Guiding: smooth maintenance-free bearings.
Position indicator in plastic
Surface finish:
Specifications: Radial guidance play < 0.02 mm, no axial play. Self-locking screw with additional locking system.
Sample order:
nlm 21122-08
Owing to the virtually play-free guides and the absolutely play-free spindle, no loosening and clamping is required upon disassembly.
Digital position indicators with 0.1 mm indication accuracy, numbers ascending upon rightward rotation. The indication value of the digital position indicator can be adjusted by turning the red actuator ring without tool. The assembly position of the position indicator can be set in 4 positions by means of a screw. With category 25 are 3 positions (above, right and left) possible.
Because of itís modular design, the positioning table can be easily combined with the accessories of itís category.


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