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Guide rails DryLin« T

Extruded section, aluminium EN AW-6060.
Surface finish:
Hard anodized aluminium, 50 Ám. Hardness 500 HV.
Sample order:
nlm 21200-1530X3960 (L max.)
21200-1520X500 (per customer request: guide rail size 15)
** please indicate dimension L2 = 20 mm
* please indicate dimension L = 500 mm
L2 and L dimensions can only be stated in complete mm.
The aluminium guide rail has good thermal conductivity and importantly heats only at continuously very high speeds.

Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderBB1HH1LL1L2SizeL max.D for screw DIN 912Approx. weight kg/mAccessoriesSurface finishPriceOrder
LINEAR SLIDE GUIDE DRY LIN« TL=3960 MM, L2=30 MM21200-1530X3960£300.48
221515,51039606030153960M40,60021200-1500, 21200-1510, 21200-1520, 21200-1530L max.£300.48
LINEAR SLIDE GUIDE DRY LIN« TL=3960 MM, L2=30 MM21200-2030X3960£307.56
31201912,339606030203960M51,00021200-2000, 21200-2010, 21200-2020, 21200-2030L max.£307.56
LINEAR SLIDE GUIDE DRY LIN« TL=3960 MM, L2=30 MM21200-2530X3960£366.11
342321,513,839606030253960M61,30021200-2500, 21200-2510, 21200-2520, 21200-2530L max.£366.11
LINEAR SLIDE GUIDE DRY LIN« TL=3960 MM, L2=20 MM21200-3020X3960£446.32
40282615,839608020303960M81,90021200-3000, 21200-3010, 21200-3020, 21200-3030L max.£446.32
221515,510*60**153960M40,600L2 and L customer specific£0.00
31201912,3*60**203960M51,000L2 and L customer specific£0.00
342321,513,8*60**253960M61,300L2 and L customer specific£0.00
40282615,8*60**303960M81,900L2 and L customer specific£0.00

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