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Position indicators programmed

Material, surface finish:
Housing plastic.
Tubular shaft steel, black oxide finish.
View window, LCD display.
Grub screw steel, black.
Sample order not programmed:
nlm 21923-12
(Position indicator with mounted position 1, colour black)
Sample order programmed:
nlm 21923-0200021120
(see ordering example on the next page)
The electronic position indicators offer diverse opportunities compared to mechanical position indicators because they display angles as well as uncommon spindle pitches and record each fraction of spindle movement.

* Freely programmable parameters using the programming software 21922-09.
– indicated value and decimal point freely programmable
– linear or angle mode
– function key for zero-point position
– function key for switching between the absolute dimension and chain dimension
– programming of an offset value directly at the device
– easy battery change
– reducing bushes 21940
– programming software 21922-09
Technical data:
– LCD Display with 5 digits
– Digit size approx. 8 mm
– Display range from -19999 ... 99999
– Hollow shaft Ø 14 H7 mm
– Operating temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
– Storage temperature -30 °C to +80 °C
– Revolution max. 600 rpm
– Lithium battery button cell 3V, type CR 2032. service life ca. 2 years
– Vibration-resistance acc. to DIN IEC 68-2-6 10 g / (5 ... 150 Hz), 20 g / (100 ... 2000 Hz)
– Shock-resistance acc. to DIN IEC 68-2-27 30 g / 15 ms
– EMC DIN EN 61000-4-2; DIN EN 61000-4-4
– Protection IP 51

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see Technical InformationSee sample order for Position Indicators, programmed£272.79

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