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Insert bearing B

Ball-bearing steel 100Cr6.
Seal, rubber NBR.
Surface finish:
Sealed on both sides with a spherical outer ring.
Sample order:
nlm 24235-12201
The internal construction of the insert bearings corresponds to that of standard Series 6200 and 6300 radial ball bearing. However, they have wider inner rings for easier fastening on shafts. The inner rings are manufactured with a plus tolerance. This results in transition or press fits when using shafts with h-tolerances. The shaft is secured by 2 grub screws positioned 120 apart on the inner ring.

The insert bearings are ready to install and are permanently lubricated with a suitable ball bearing grease.
Temperature range:
-15 C to +100 C.

Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderAA1A2DD1D2L1L2StockStatic base loads kNDynamic base loads kNGrub screwApprox. weight kgPriceOrder
BEARING INSERT B 201 D=1224235-12201£13.47
1664,51224,7402212B 2014,487,36M5x0,80,1£13.47
BEARING INSERT B 202 D=1524235-15202£13.04
1664,51524,7402212B 2024,487,36M5x0,80,1£13.04
BEARING INSERT B 203 D=1724235-17203£11.27
1664,51724,7402212B 2034,487,36M5x0,80,09£11.27
BEARING INSERT B 204 D=2024235-20204£11.05
1874,52029472514B 2046,29,88M5x0,80,13£11.05
BEARING INSERT B 205 D=2524235-25205£10.62
19,57,55,52534522715B 2056,9810,78M6x0,750,16£10.62
BEARING INSERT B 206 D=3024235-30206£14.51
22863040,5623016B 20610,0414,97M6x0,750,25£14.51
BEARING INSERT B 207 D=3524235-35207£17.98
23,58,56,53548723217B 20713,6719,75M8x10,38£17.98

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