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Industrial shock absorbers adjustable

Material, surface finish:
Housing, steel, nickel-plated;
housing M8x0.75, stainless steel, natural finish;
piston rod, steel, hard-chrome plated;
nut, steel, nickel-plated;
collision head, steel, plastic
Sample order:
nlm 26300-0807506
Industrial shock absorbers are maintenance-free, ready-to-install hydraulic components. They have an integrated fixed stop. The adjustable version makes precise adjustment of the abatement possible. After installation of the shock absorber, the device is run a few times, whereby the adjustment is rotated until the optimal breaking is reached.
Exceeding the max. energy intake per hour is possible if temporarily disconnected or the shock absorber is cooled with cylinder exhaust air.
Temperature range:
-5 °C up to +70 °C.


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1D2LL1L2L3SWmax. power consumption per stroke NmC (stroke)max. power consumption per hour NmDefective mass max. kgSpeed range m/sRestoring force NAxis deviation max. (°)Approx. weight kgPriceOrder
M8x0,7562,5585412111,462202150,3 - 292,50,014£114.86
M8x16,42,561,15,143,93103,585650150,3 - 25,320,009£114.86
M10x162,4656413131,7683528100,3 - 25,882,50,027£119.81
M12x183,5848614144,9105880300,3 - 29,82,50,047£103.32
M14x1,5103,5888596175,88108820350,3 - 29,82,50,073£106.72
M20x1,5186127177682429,416205802000,3 - 218,12,50,202£120.31
M25x1,52281731811110324930294003000,3 - 233,22,50,436£205.54

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