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Axial Piston Pumps

  • Load sensing
  • Series 31
  • Size 18 to 100
  • Nominal pressure 280 bar
  • Peak pressure 350 bar
  • Open circuit


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderModel NumberWeight kgPriceOrder
Axial Piston Variable PumpsR910991846£1,491.11
A10VSO 18 DFR1 31/RVPA12NOO12£1,491.11
Axial Piston Variable PumpsR910916805£1,628.89
A10VSO 28 DFR1 31/RVPA12NOO15£1,628.89
Axial Piston Variable PumpsR910967365£1,866.67
A10VSO 45 DFR1 31/RVPA12NOO21£1,866.67
Axial Piston Variable PumpsR902473184£2,493.33
A10VSO 71 DFR1 31/RVPA12NOO33£2,493.33
Axial Piston Variable PumpsR910920847£2,993.33
A10VSO 100 DFR1 31/RVPA12NOO45£2,993.33

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