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ON/OFF Valves - Double Throttle Check Valves

On/off valves with sandwich plate design for use in vertical stacking assemblies.  Available to purchase now from the AC Hydraulics online shop.

Double Throttle Check Valves

Double Throttle Check Valve

Hydraulic systems are widely used in a variety of industries. They use the pressure of oil stored in a reservoir to perform work that would be extremely difficult for humans to perform on their own. Common examples include stamping presses, scissor lifts or forklift trucks.

A basic system consists of a reservoir and a pump that can be connected to the rest of the machinery to perform the action required. Control valves allow the fluid to be directed to various branches within the system whilst check valves control the flow rate and pressure of the liquid. These can be pilot operated or automatically balanced by the flows themselves.

Here at AC Hydraulics, we have a team of highly trained technicians and engineers who can assist with whatever projects you have in mind. With almost 40 years of experience we have an extensive in-house knowledge base on many hydraulic applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to choose the correct components for your system.

What is the functionality of a double throttle check valve?

The double throttle checks valve reduces the flow of fluid through the system. At the throttling point the fluid passes over the valve seat and throttling spool. The position of the spool can be adjusted thus adjusting the flow through the check valve. Depending on the type of valve the throttling can occur in the inlet channel or in the outlet channel. Two double throttle check valves arranged symmetrically to one another allows for a system where fluid flow is throttled in one direction but allowed to flow freely in the other.

What devices require a double throttle check valve?

Control valves only deal with moving the flow around the system, therefore a check valve is needed to control the flow and with it the speed of the system. They are needed between the directional control valves and the hydraulic actuators to control the speed of actuation. They can also be installed on pilot lines between the pilot control and main valve to act as a switching time adjustment.

What installation is required?

At AC Hydraulics we have a variety of double throttle check valves in a sandwich design to allow modular integration with other control valves. Simply call us or contact us via email and our team of experienced hydraulic engineers will be able to discuss your requirements whilst our highly skilled technicians are available to perform installation should you require it.

What can I do to prevent faults occurring with the valve?

Correct installation by appropriately qualified personnel is essential to preventing faults occurring in any hydraulic system. When mounted with other sandwich plate modules it is essential to calculate the correct length and tightening torque of the mounting screws to ensure the whole assembly is secure.

Do you deliver?

Our component distribution department allows you to shop online with ease. We can usually deliver within 1 to 2 working days within the United Kingdom and are happy to ship worldwide, subject to local postal services. If you have any queries, simply contact us and an AC Hydraulics representative will be happy to discuss your order.

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