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Clamping plugs

Housing mild steel, tapered-head bolt hardened steel
Surface finish:
Housing, black oxide finish;
tapered-head bolt case-hardened,
Sample order:
nlm 03157-081420
The clamping plug is ideal for second machining of turned parts. The diameter D can be adapted to the diameter of the workpiece to be clamped by turning or milling.
Low construction - no clamps in the way.
Clamping movement with hexagon socket wrench or hydraulically.

* D min. = smallest admissible diameter to which "D" may be turned or milled
Widen the clamping plug to about 0.1 mm (clamp travel) more than the diameter at rest. Machine to the internal diameter of the workpiece by turning or milling. The base can be centred in a hole or with locating pins as required.


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1D2HH1H2H3D min.D3 for countersunk screwApprox. weight kgClamping force max. kND4 Tapered- head boltSW Tapered- head boltTightening torque max. NmCustoms tariff numberPriceOrder
CLAMPING PLUG03157-020407£84.74
7,420 h913,710,77,66,14,14,1M20,0101,1M21,50,784662098£84.74
CLAMPING PLUG03157-040812£86.21
12,429,72 h92121,8161587,2M30,0404,2M43584662098£86.21
CLAMPING PLUG03157-061214£87.92
14,231,5 h923,124,919151212,2M30,0708,5M651784662098£87.92
CLAMPING PLUG03157-081420£89.89
2037,5 h92924,919151413,5M30,10011,1M863484662098£89.89
CLAMPING PLUG03157-062027£116.81
2750 h839,428,622,217,51720M40,18020M1086084662098£116.81
CLAMPING PLUG03157-102535£143.83
35,356 h845,531,825,420,62125,4M40,32026,3M121015084662098£143.83
CLAMPING PLUG03157-123442£183.46
4269,5 h855,939,631,8272230M50,60044,5M161428084662098£183.46
CLAMPING PLUG03157-123452£190.44
5175,5 h863,939,631,8272230M50,70044,5M161428084662098£190.44
CLAMPING PLUG03157-163077£307.86
77107,5 h892,545,537,632,32030M61,73044,5M161428084662098£307.86
CLAMPING PLUG03157-1630103£469.71
103132,9 h81184638322030M62,86044,5M161428084662098£469.71
CLAMPING PLUG03157-1630175£914.10
175132,9 h811845,537,632,32030M66,50044,5M161428084662098£914.10

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