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Floating clamp

Base body and clamping jaw in hardened steel; housing in aluminium
Surface finish:
Base body nitrided, black oxide finish and ground; clamping jaws nitrided and black oxide finish; housing red anodized
Sample order:
nlm 04420-100812
The floating clamp is used to clamp and support over-determined clamping points on components.
Method of operation:
1. Push the floating clamp downwards.
2. Pivot the clamping jaws in as far as possible. The floating clamp contacts the bottom of the workpiece with a light spring force.
3. Tighten the floating clamp with a hexagon nut (SW 18; please note the minimum and maximum torque). In the clamping process, the workpiece is clamped and simultaneously supported.
4. Releasing is done in reverse order.
Fix the floating clamp with connection thread M12 onto the device.
Adjust the height limit stop and the swivelling range with the red setting sleeve and clamp with a grub screw (3x SW 2.5). When setting the height limit, take a generous clearance to the top into account.
For safe operation, the threaded hole M12 must always be closed.
For specific clamping situations, the standard clamping jaws can be amended or replaced.


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