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Inductive proximity switches, form A

Housing in stainless steel;
active surface in POM
Surface finish:
Voltage: U = 10 - 30 V DC
Function: Normally open
Connection type: PNP
Mounting type: flush
Security type: IP 67
Non-contact, wear-free mode of operation, as well as high switching frequency and switching accuracy. Non-sensitive to vibrations, dust and moisture. Inductive sensors record all metals without contact.

Short-circuit proof and reverse-polarity protected.
This product is not suited as a sensor for the protection of persons.


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderDFormLL1PMaterial active surfaceSwitching distance Sn (mm)Electricity I max. (mA)Switching frequency f (Hz)Number of conductors x conductor cross-sectionConnection typePriceOrder
3A2716,72000POM110020003 x 0,09 mm²PUR cable£54.69
4A2715,45000POM1,510030003 x 0,14 mm²PUR cable£101.33

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