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Position indicators for handwheels analogue-digital display

Material, surface finish:
Housing glass-fibre reinforced plastic, black;
viewing window plastic, dust-proof
Sample order:
nlm 21962-800201
Position indicators are provided for installation in handwheels. They allow direct readout of set measurement values such as lengths, flow rates, speeds, etc, at a glance.
The measurement values are acquired according to the gravity principle. Conceived for use on horizontal spindles.

One revolution of the black pointer corresponds to one spindle rotation. In combination with the 5-place digital display, a very precise and easy read out of the position is thus obtained
On request:
Other pitchs
Handwheels 21970 / 21972


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderPitchSizeIndicator after one rotationApprox. weight kgSuitable forPriceOrder
280000020,200handwheel size 80£110.49
380000030,200handwheel size 80£110.49
480000040,200handwheel size 80£110.49
580000050,200handwheel size 80£110.49
1080000100,200handwheel size 80£110.49

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