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Elastomer dog couplings with conical hub and clamping ring (similar to DIN 69002)

Material, surface finish:
Elastomer spider in polyurethane, shore hardness 98-A. Hub in aluminium. Conical ring in tempered steel
Sample order:
nlm 23021-010,
D1 = 6
D2 = 6
(The hubs are supplied predrilled).
This serie of couplings is particularly suitable for use in main spindle drives resp. boring spindle drives for high speeds. The two clamping ring hubs must be mounted on the shaft ends with the given thightening torque of the screw before the plug-in assembly. The assembly force can be minimised by slight oiling of the spider.
The seat shaft / hub is to be selected as transitional seat. Admissible seat clearance shaft / hub: max. 0.02 mm. E.g.
shaft: 25 k6
borehole: 25 G6.
Boreholes which are smaller than D min. are possible; but an optimal transfer of the nominal torque of the coupling can not be guaranteed in this case.
On request:
Desired hub holes D1 and D2 seperately with tolerance class or tolerance zone.


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderBB1D3D4D5D6LL1L2L3SizeNominal torque NmMoment of inertia (10⁻³ kgm²)Static resistance to torsion Nm/arcminMax. lateral shaft displacementRadial spring stiffness N/mmTightening torque of screws (Nm)D1/D2 predrilledD1/D2 max.C (DIN 912-12.9)Max. axial shaft displacement ±Revolutions per minute max.Approx. weight gD1/D2 min.PriceOrder
COUPLINGSIZE 10, REAM D1+D2=523021-010£115.04
10217328,510,55018,51315,510100,0150,040,16001,86144x M30,5300001106£115.04
COUPLINGSIZE 17, REAM D1+D2=923021-017£142.27
12322409,5186625162117170,050,240,1210049196x M40,5240002809£142.27
COUPLINGSIZE 43, REAM D1+D2=1223021-043£189.19
143295012,5277830182543430,190,40,12500810244x M50,51900040012£189.19
COUPLINGSIZE 60, REAM D1+D2=1223021-060£206.40
143305512,5277830182560600,280,60,12600812264x M50,51750060012£206.40
COUPLINGSIZE 150, REAM D1+D2=1723021-150£254.56
154406514,530903520301501500,651,050,13300812368x M511500090017£254.56
COUPLINGSIZE 320, REAM D1+D2=2023021-320£319.92
184468016,538114452440320320220,1245003518404x M8112000190020£319.92
COUPLINGSIZE 500, REAM D1+D2=2023021-500£451.52
2255810020,5471385528495005005,65,80,1559006720484x M1019500450022£451.52
COUPLINGSIZE 700, REAM D1+D2=2423021-700£635.11
2567212022,5581556133547007001380,15700011524604x M1218000700025£635.11

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