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Ball-type linear drives, rolled with screw-in cylinder nut

Spindle, steel 1.1213;
nut, steel 1.3505;
deflector, plastic
Surface finish:
Spindle, rolled, inductively hardened to 62 2 HRC and polished;
nut, ground, track inductively hardened to 62 2 HRC and polished
Sample order:
nlm 24060-16052X0600
(Please indicate total length L)
For processing the ends, a detailed customer design is required.
Ball-type linear drive with gothic pointed arch profile with 5 mm or 10 mm pitch. Single-start, ascending to the right. Ball screw-cylinder nut with screw-in thread according to ISO 3408 (DIN 69051).
Manufactured according to accuracy class C7 (tolerance 50 / 300 mm). Without pre-stressing, with axial play P0 (max. 0.08 mm).
On request:
We manufacture ball screws at your request on the basis of a detailed design.
Max. production lengths 5600 mm.

Other accuracy classes and pre-stressings available (see Technical Information).
The screw-in cylinder nut must not be removed without assembly aid of the spindle, otherwise the balls fall out.


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