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Aluminium oil level sight glasses



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NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1D2LL1SWTightening torque max. NmPressure load max. barApprox. weight kgCustoms tariff numberPriceOrder
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGTH GLASSD=20, D1=G 1/428010-20014£1.79
20G 1/41187,5189100,00439235090£1.79
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASSD=24,5 D1=G 3/828010-24038£2.58
24,5G 3/812892212100,00839235090£2.58
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASSD=29,5 D1=G 1/228010-29012£3.40
29,5G 1/215892718100,01339235090£3.40
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASSD=34,5 D1=G 3/428010-36034£4.44
34,5G 3/41910,710,93224100,02239235090£4.44
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASSD=42,5 D1=G 128010-42100£9.54
42,5G 12710,51140-100,03339235090£9.54
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASS D=52,5, D1=G 1 1/428010-52114£11.76
55G1 1/434141250-100,05639235090£11.76
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASS D=24,5, D1=M18X1,528010-241815£3.21
ALUMINIUM OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASS D=29,5, D1=M22X1,528010-292215£3.86

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