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Tension nuts with star or T-grip

Housing in tempered steel; cover in aluminium; star grip in thermoplastic; T-grip in duroplastic
Surface finish:
Carbonitrided; star and T-shaped grips: black
Sample order:
nlm 04751-4010
The tightening nut with star or T-grip are an improvement based on the tried and tested tightening nut 04750. A star or T-grip replaces the operating hexagon and an added mesh mechanism complements it. An integrated planetary gear serves as the force multiplier, the meshing mechanism triggers the automatic switch from the placing movement to the actual application of force. As a result, considerable clamping forces can be achieved with the simplest manual operation, with no additional ring or socket spanner. The robust construction and self-limiting function guarantee a high level of operating safety. Tightening nuts are used far beyond mechanical engineering for purposes in which high tension and clamping forces are required with the least possible expense. Tightening nuts are maintenance-free under normal operating conditions (max. 120 °C).

The threaded bolt must have a minimum quality class of 10.9.
In the case of thread diameters of less than M16, threaded bolts (screws) with a quality class of 12.9 should be used or the maximum admissible static load must be reduced.
- simple, manual operation.
- high tension forces due to force reinforcement.
- rapid adjustment due to automatic conversion.
- high-level operating safety due to self-limitation.


Product Selection

NameOrder No.PriceOrderDT min.T max.Clamping force max. kNMax. static stress kNTightening torque max. NmApprox. weight kgSurface finishPriceOrder
M1016244050151,000Tightening nut with star grip£423.16
M1216244070151,000Tightening nut with star grip£423.16
M16162440120151,000Tightening nut with star grip£423.16
M20162440120151,000Tightening nut with star grip£423.16
M1016244050251,000Tightening nut with T-grip£423.16
M1216244070251,000Tightening nut with T-grip£423.16
M16162440120251,000Tightening nut with T-grip£423.16
M20162440120251,000Tightening nut with T-grip£423.16

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