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Circular positioning tables

Base and circular table made of anodized aluminium alloy.
Spindle in steel.
Spindle bearing: slide bearing, maintenance-free
Surface finish:
Radial play of the rotary shaft < 0,015 mm,
axial play of the rotary shaft < 0,02 mm,
repeating accuracy < 0,05.
Self-locking spindle.
Sample order:
nlm 21160-08
360 adjustment with no end stop.
10-graduation scale.
Transmission ratio:
21160-08 = 50:1
21160-12 = 55:1
21160-25 = 50:1

Because of its modular design, the circular positioning table can be easily combined with the accessories of its category.


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NameOrder No.PriceOrderDD1D2D3D4D5D6F1 (N)F2 (N)F3 (N)HH1H2H3LL1L2L3M1 NmAccessoriesApprox. weight kgPriceOrder
2623543610M4x6450050020030149656172936321170-08, 21180-08, 21190-080,260£351.15
2623806015M6x965005002004017,512669314360521170-12, 21180-12, 21190-120,760£424.72
51461501304010,2100010005007535181213453801301021170-25, 21180-25, 21190-254,350£1,199.47

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